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Chris Breytenbach

They say that feedback is the breakfast of champions! Well here is some feedback to you and our fellow students: I have just completed the course on the gospel of John – IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR BOOK that I purchased on Kindle. Words can not describe the immense value I derived from this. Not only did it broaden my insight and understanding of the Gospel and of Jesus the Jew, but it also made me very sad to realise how far astray misinterpretation according to our Western values have led the Church. The LORD bless you and your work!!!


“Your program in Jewish Context and Culture has been a source of enlightenment and has led me to appreciate the radically Jewish nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


I look forward every week to my classes. Really appreciate the Jewish background that provides the assumed knowledge of 1st century readership!”


“Your passion for the word of God is not only engaging but also contagious! I am grateful for this opportunity to study along with you and the other students and professors and I share what I am learning at every opportunity. The Bible is richer than I ever thought possible and I thought I loved it before!”


I am so pleased to have access to this wonderful resource! The wealth of knowledge has inspired thoughtfulness and insight, and reignited my passion for study of scripture.”


To fully understand and properly apply the scriptures we MUST know how they were understood by the original recipients. The courses at Israel Study Center allow you to peel back the layers of western tradition and uncover how the words of the Bible were understood by their original (mostly Jewish) recipients.”


“Thank you this was so enlightening! The instructor was great. I am so blessed by this. Thank you and may God continue in this work of yours and in my heart as I receive each lesson.”

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