About Israel Bible Center

An independent institution of higher learning located in Israel.

We offer academic perspectives on a variety of topics around Jewish history, culture, and Scripture. A proud member of the eTeacherGroup family of educational institutes, IBC is not supported by, sponsored by, or affiliated with any religious group, denomination, or movement. (All of our teachings, activities, and resources are financed by student tuition.)


Our Goals & Mission

With a diverse faculty coming from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, our primary goal is to provide students with cognitive tools to approach text and tradition both socio-historically and academically. Sometimes our interpretations of history and text happen to dovetail with traditional Jewish and/or Christian views, while at other times we challenge traditional views based on our studies of history, language, culture, and context!

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What we value at the Israel Bible Center

As an academic institution, IBC focuses on Biblical and Jewish Studies relevant for Christians, Jews, and anyone else who seeks a better understanding of the texts, history, culture, languages, and beliefs of ancient Israel. The curriculum is designed especially for Christians who want to discover the Jewish background of their faith. Our study materials are prepared in collaboration with internationally renowned scholars who represent top universities across the globe.


Academic approach

We approach the Bible from a textual and historical perspective.


Grow and respect

We aim to promote cultural respect and mutual understanding.


Global audience

We are proud to welcome students from over 175 countries.

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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzemberg - Founder of IBC


How does it work?

When you sign up, you get unlimited access to our pre-recorded courses any time you want to learn. We provide educational support and contact with other students through the website. You can study at your own pace on any device.

Meet our faculty

Certified Jewish Context and Culture Program

With each course you complete, you will come closer to earning your certificate from Israel Bible Center. We offer three distinct certificate tracks.


Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible Certificate confirms that you have an advanced understanding of the history and text of ancient Israel. Complete 7 courses for a total of around 30 hours of learning.


Jewish New Testament

The Jewish New Testament Certificate reflects your deep familiarity with the Judaic character and context of the New Testament. Complete 7 courses for a total of around 30 hours of learning


Jewish Context and Culture

When you earn this certificate, it will show that you’ve completed an entire educational program that includes 24 courses in either the Hebrew Bible or Jewish New Testament tracks, which requires at least 100 hours of study.

Explore paths

You can focus your efforts on Israel’s Scriptures (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) or embark on a journey into the Jewish context of the New Testament. The courses you choose are completely up to you! When you finish your requirements, your certificate will be available to download and print. To monitor your current progress and see your completion percentage, just click on the image of the certificate below.


Internationally renowned scholars from top universities

Dozens of esteemed professors in one place!

We collaborate with scholars from elite universities, including Oxford, Harvard, Berkeley, Tel Aviv, and more!