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What is the major advantage of the yearly subscription?
Both monthly and yearly subscriptions provide the very same, unlimited access to all our study materials. However, the monthly payment is for those who don’t want to sign up for the entire year (for example, to study just a few topics) or because they cannot afford the yearly payment at the moment. In the long run, the yearly subscription is much more beneficial since it provides you with more time to utilize our resources and is less expensive than twelve consecutive monthly subscriptions. Also, we add new content each month that is immediately available to you!
Do you teach in English?
Yes, all our classes are taught in English by lecturers with high academic credentials from top universities. The lectures contain plain language that is accessible to everyone. We explain difficult terms and concepts, including Hebrew/Greek words, so that you will have no problem understanding each biblical insight.
How many courses can I take in one month?
It’s entirely up to you. You can study at your own pace, according to your capabilities. We provide you with unlimited access to all materials in our online library. Each course contains between 4-8 hours of video content, broken up into 15 to 30-minute segments.
How do online classes work?
Our courses are pre-recorded. All you need to do is choose one and then click on the name of the first lesson. Each course is divided into short segments of video (15-30 minutes), so how much material you cover in one sitting is up to you. Want to learn while driving or travelling? No problem! We provide audio versions of our lessons as well.
What if I sign up but then change my mind?
We offer a free 7-day trial for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you are dissatisfied, go to your Student Account, click on “My Profile” -> "Cancellation" tab, and choose the “Cancel” button. You won’t be billed until 7 days after you sign up.
What if I am interested in only in 1 or 2 courses, but do not want the whole program?
Our library of study materials covers so many topics that it’s always worth exploring more, and completed courses could earn you up to 3 different certificates. Alongside our courses, we also offer Roundtable Talks, podcasts, and online articles for a comprehensive study experience. However, if you’ve decided to finish your journey with us, just go to your Student Account, click on “My Profile” -> "Cancellation" tab, and choose the “Cancel” button.
Are there any courses that I should take first?
You can take your classes in any order. Interested in the Hebrew Bible? Or maybe you’d like to start with the New Testament? You can choose the general category or start with the topic that’s the most interesting to you. We've also prepared 3 different paths for those who’d like to get one of our 3 certificates—or all of them!
How long does it take to complete each course?
Each course is between 4-8 hours of video, broken up into 15 to 30-minute segments. This way, you can study whenever you have time—no rushing and no adjusting to anyone else’s schedule! Choose a study plan that fits your individual needs and set your own pace to study at your convenience!
Are your courses accredited?
Israel Bible Center offers open enrollment and does not grant formal university or seminary degrees, so we are not required to apply for accreditation. As an educational institution, Israel Bible Center is committed to the highest standards of scholarship. Our study materials are prepared in collaboration with internationally known scholars, representing top universities across the globe.
Do you provide study notes? Do you answer student questions?
Yes and yes! We provide both PDF files of the presentations and plain, printable notes for your own records. You can also ask content-related questions in any course session and interact with other students. You can share your opinions, thoughts, and doubts about the subject matter. Our wonderful teachers will do their very best to provide you with relevant and insightful answers!

Student account

How do I cancel my subscription?
If you’ve decided to finish your journey with us, just go to your Student Account, click on “My Profile” -> "Subscription" tab, and choose the “Cancel” button.
How can I get help with my student account?
Please, go to your Student Account and use the “CONTACT US” page to request technical support or ask any other questions.

Study process

What is the program of study?
We currently offer unlimited access to over 60 immersive courses on topics ranging from ancient Jewish texts to Biblical Hebrew to history and archaeology. These courses will help you understand the Jewish foundation of Christianity, discover nuances that are lost in translation, and realize how the original contexts of Scripture can inform your own faith. We also offer a collection of over 70 Roundtable Talks with leading biblical scholars on a variety of important topics. Completing a certain number of courses earns you a certificate. We release new content and expand our library each month!
Can I complete all courses within one year if I enroll in the yearly subscription?
Yes, you certainly can. But you may enjoy our courses so much that you’d like to stay with us longer than a single year. We release new content each month, so our offerings keep expanding.
How do I receive my certificate?
When you complete the minimum number of courses that are required to earn a certificate, go to your Student Account and choose the “Certificates” tab. You will see the student progress bar, as well as the “Download” button after the pertinent certificate category. Just click this “Download” button to get your well-deserved certificate! In order to earn the certificate in the Hebrew Bible program, you need to complete at least 7 courses in the Hebrew Bible Category, and the same rule applies to the Jewish New Testament certificate. In order to earn your certificate from the Jewish Context and Culture program, you need to finish at least 24 courses in both categories.

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