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My name Dr. Eli Lizorkin Eyzenberg

The Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture program consists of 24 mini-courses. It covers a wide variety of carefully selected topics, including Interpretation of Biblical Texts and Ancient Jewish Literature, History, Jewish Culture and Customs, Rabbinics, Theology, Archeology, Biblical Languages, and much more! All material is selected based on its relevance to modern Christ followers.

As an educational institution, Israel Bible Center is committed to the highest standards of scholarship. Our study materials are prepared in collaboration with internationally-known scholars, representing top universities across the globe. Our center partners with one of the largest and oldest European universities, the University of Wroclaw, to encourage doctoral research projects in Jewish Studies.

Israel Bible Center offers a program in Biblical and Jewish Studies designed with modern Christ-followers in mind. The center formally recognizes students’ accomplishments by issuing a Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture upon completion of the program.

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I am so glad I am with Israel Bible Center, the substance, the profundity… now it adds up. 

Lida Hill


I am a student of IBC for almost a year now. I truly enjoy all the lessons especially the ones you are teaching Prof. Shir. Todah Rabbah! 



Just wanted to express my gratitude for this course. I have enjoyed and been challenged by the several courses I have already taken but John’s Gospel is one of my favorites. I so appreciated the fresh eyes this class has given me. God’s word and work is so amazing. Thank you!


Pamela Stuemke

Thank you for providing such a fresh and thought provoking lesson on the Gospel of John! I have always said that it would be awesome to find a teacher who is able to provide this information in clear, simple to understand ways.


Barbara Iuliano

I have taken Hebrew lessons in the past with several different teachers and hesitated to try yet again BUT Prof. Pinchas Shir’s way of teaching has helped me so much. Thank you and now it is up to me to memorize words.



INCREDIBLE Study! Thank you again! Blessings to Dr. Korner for his sharing this profound work with us and to everyone at Israel Bible Center for inviting him.



I would like to thank you and your Centre for the teachings everyday. It is very uplifting or inspirational and I use it to teach others.



How very interesting! There is so much to learn. You explain things so clearly. Thank you.

Mark Da Vee


Thank you, Dr. Korner, for an excellent class! I have never heard this perspective on Revelation before, and it makes perfect sense!



Following your teachings in this course makes me realize how blind I seem to have been in the interpretation of the Scriptures. Thank you deeply from my heart!

David Pease

I really appreciate the insights presented in these lessons and it helps me to see concepts I had never had explained to me before in the Jewish context.


Thevakadadcham Reginald Thayaseelan

Though I am a third generation christian, the spiritual and the revelations I receive here has no parallel. For many many years I just visited this site and did not join. I always believed there is a time for everything. I thank God for all the teachers. For me it’s Paul and Gamaliel experience.

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