"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

King Solomon

Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture

The courses at Israel Bible Center are designed for students of all levels. The certificate program covers a wide variety of carefully selected topics, including Interpretation of Biblical Texts and Ancient Jewish Literature, History, Jewish Culture and Customs, Rabbinics, Theology, Archaeology, Biblical Languages, and the best of modern scholarship in many other areas. The program is highly relevant for anyone seeking to become a responsible and creative interpreter of sacred biblical texts.

The formal program consists of 24 mini-courses. The study plans offered on our website are flexible and self-paced, and videos can be streamed to most mobile devices. The content we offer is best suited for modern Christ-followers who desire to study beyond the boundaries of traditional Christian theology.  While the certificate program in Jewish Context and Culture was not created to support any specific institution, by the time you have earned your certificate you will have gained a multi-faceted understanding of the Bible and Jewish Studies that will be applicable in a variety of religious and ecumenical settings.


Internationally and regionally-recognized accreditation is available only to traditional degree-granting institutions. Israel Bible Center is not a college or a university. Since we offer open enrollment to anyone interested in learning and do not grant formal degrees, our certificate program does not qualify for accreditation consideration. As a non-traditional educational institution, we strive to serve students regardless of their academic qualifications. The quality of our scholarship is backed by the high caliber of professors and teachers associated with Israel Bible Center, so that anyone can enjoy university-level education at a fraction of the cost of a traditional institution.