Dr. Carlos Santos Carretero

Professor of Ancient Studies

Dr. Carlos Santos Carretero was born in Cáceres, a small town in the west of Spain, near Portugal. Having a strong desire to learn more about the Biblical culture, its literature, and traditions, he decided to focus his studies both in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic Philology.

Since the very beginning, Carlos felt a great predilection for the study of Judeo-Christian traditions in their most heterodox manifestations: apocalyptic literature, apocryphal texts, and mysticism, especially in its relation to the other Middle East ancient religious traditions.

His PhD studies dwelled into angelology and demonology in the literary cycle of the antediluvian patriarch Enoch. During this time, he focused on Apocalyptic literature and Merkabah mysticism.

Since 2013, Carlos teaches Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Jewish Origins of Christianity, and various seminars on Biblical literature at the “Israel Institute of Biblical Studies" (eTeacher Group). But he also teaches Biblical languages in Spain, at CEPOAT (Centro de Estudios del Próximo Oriente y Antigüedad Tardía, University of Murcia, Spain).

During these years, Carlos has participated in various conferences, seminars, and symposia in different universities all over the world, all of them focused on apocalyptic literature and its relationship with mysticism.

Since 2016, he is also part of the academic research team “Lecobi, from word to image”, for University CEU-San Pablo, an ambitious research project which focuses on the study of color terms and its lexicology, both in the Hebrew Bible and in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Last, but not least, since 2015 he is an active member of a translation workshop in “Ulpan Hebreo Sefarad”, a Spanish institution where he teaches Biblical Hebrew, but he also translates into Spanish Medieval Hebrew texts, such as Jacob ben Eleazar's Kalila wa-Dimna, Sefer ha-meshalim or Ben ha-melek veha-nazir.

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