Q. Does the class meet at a particular time during the week?

A. No these are recorded, on demand courses that you can watch whenever. If you chose to interact with instructors you do it on the president’s blog Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg and Dr. Noel Rabinowitz routinely answer students questions and comments there.

Q. How long does it take to complete each course?

A. Each mini-course is anywhere between 4-8 hours of video, broken up into 15-20 min segments. You can watch it as your time allows and engage with its contents. Many people watch it several times, however, because the contents are often time new to most students and very rich in ideas that need to be processed).

Q. How many courses are available with the UNLIMITED plan?

A. 24, but we are producing at least one new course each month! So each year at least 12 new courses are added to the collection that already exists.

Q. What if I am interest in 1-2 course, but not the whole program?

A. Sign up either for Standard or Plus (right now it is still the same price) this will give you access to one course per month. You can also chose to do Advanced this will give you access to 2 new courses per month. When done, self-cancel. Everything is very simple with us.

Q. Can I do all my courses within one year if I enroll into Unlimited plan?

A. Yes, you can, but anticipate to continue after one year since you will see at least 12 new courses added next calendar year (we produce one completely new course per month).

Q. Can I share my login and password with a friend or a family member?

A. Yes, you have permission to share your account info with 2 people you would like.

Q. Once I go through the program can I gift my collection of courses to someone else?

A. Yes, as long as you maintain your membership in good standing you can do that.

Q. If I start with one or two courses per month, can I upgrade later?

A. Yes. A lot people do that, since it is actually cheaper to enroll in the UNLIMITED option and have complete on-demand access to all materials.

Q. Do you teach in English?

A. Yes all classes are in English.

Q. Are there any classes that I should do first?

A. No, you can take them in any sequence.

Q. Can I enroll my friend or pastor into this program and give this membership as a gift?

A. Yes. Begin to register, the instructions will appear.

Q. I don’t have time to study right now and haven’t completed the courses I selected this month. Will I be able to add courses next month?

A. Yes. You will be able to add additional courses each month to study as time permits, at your convenience.

Q. Am I required to study one course per month?

A. No, your courses do not expire. They will remain in your library for the duration of your membership.

Q. Can I access my courses on my mobile device?

A. Yes, all courses have been designed to be mobile-friendly and can be viewed on most any device.

Q. Will more courses be added to this collection?

A. Yes, we are adding one new course per month.

Q. Will the requirement to receive certificate change from 24 courses to more?

A. No, but many people are interested mainly in their continual growth, so even when they pass certificate requirement, they continue on studying.

Q. I wonder if your courses are accredited? Are they worth my time?

Israel Bible Center offers open enrolment and does not grant formal degrees as Universities do.  Thus the center does not qualify for accreditation which is required only for traditional institutions such as Colleges and Seminaries. The center recognizes student achievement with a Certificate in Jewish Context and Culture backed by the high caliber of scholars and teachers involved with the center representing both Israeli and International universities.