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Yeshaya Gruber

Professor of Jewish History and Culture at Israel Bible Center

Dr. Yeshaya Gruber (B.A., M.A., McGill; Ph.D., Georgetown) is Professor of Jewish History and Culture at the Israel Bible Center. His research focuses on Jewish and Christian texts, traditions, and interactions throughout history. He travels extensively speaking about Biblical and historical themes and participating in Jewish-Christian dialogue.

Dr. Gruber has held research and teaching positions in Jerusalem, Athens, Sydney, and Baltimore. He lives in Israel with his family and is also a Research Associate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Academic Director of Kol Hakatuv Ltd.

Courses by Yeshaya Gruber

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The Name of God

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In this course, we look at the personal name of the God of Israel: יהוה (YHWH). This topic always raises so many questions: What is God’s name? How should...

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Exploring Jewish Interpretation

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The Bible consists of ancient texts, and the interpretive methods used to explain it are diverse and can be very complicated. We take the first verse of...


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