Podcast by Dr. Cyndi Parker

In our weekly podcast with Dr. Cyndi Parker, we sit down with one of the Israel Bible Center’s scholars to talk about the fascinating content of their courses and deepen our understanding of the Bible.

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"In the beginning"...Then What?

September 15, 2021 - 26 Minutes

Dr. Yeshaya Gruber joins us again to talk about his course Exploring Jewish Interpretations. Last week we talked about the diversity in interpreters and how their social, historical, and geographical context influenced their interpretations. This week we talk about all the ways you can interpret the first phrase in the book of Genesis.

"In the beginning"...Then What?

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What is "Jewish Interpretation"?

September 8, 2021 - 29 Minutes

Dr. Yeshaya Gruber joins me to clarify some of the complexities behind the idea of "Jewish Interpretation," which is not a monolithic thing! We focus this week on the diverse historical periods interpreters lived in that shifted their perspectives and how they interpreted the Bible. How many of these scholars have you heard of?

What is "Jewish Interpretation"?

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Wilderness Temptations

September 1, 2021 - 21 Minutes

Professor Pinchas Shir joins me to talk about his course The First Commandment: Deuteronomy and the Gospels. We focus today's conversation on why it makes sense that Jesus quotes from Deuteronomy when he resists the Tempter in the Judean Wilderness. What parallels are there between the life of Jesus and the Israelite history in Deuteronomy 6 and 8.

Wilderness Temptations

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What do Commandments have to do with Eternal Life?

August 25, 2021 - 25 Minutes

Professor Pinchas Shir joins me to talk about his course The First Commandment: Deuteronomy and the Gospels. We discuss if the 10 are "commandments", "words", or "categories" before diving into a conversation between an unnamed man and Jesus about how to achieve eternal life. What did "eternal life" even mean at that time?

What do Commandments have to do with Eternal Life?

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  • How very interesting! There is so much to learn. You explain things so clearly. Thank you.

  • INCREDIBLE Study! Thank you again! Blessings to Dr. Korner for his sharing this profound work with us and to everyone at Israel Bible Center for inviting him.

  • I feel like I’ve been born again. Receiving new insights... It is clearly history repeating itself! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to study again!

  • Following your teachings in this course makes me realize how blind I seem to have been in the interpretation of the Scriptures. Thank you deeply from my heart!
  • Understanding is really being brought to light through your teachings. This is my first course and I’m elated at the growth I know will take place from understanding the culture and meaning of the original text.

  • I just began and am excited. I’ve been wanting to go deeper and this is a great way! And to read in Hebrew – never thought I would...

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