Reconsidering "Selah"

October 20, 2021 - 28:57 | Ep. 43
October 20, 2021 - 28:57 | Ep. 43
Dr. Ashley Lyon is a new member of the Israel Bible Center faculty. Today we talk about her work on rare Hebrew word like "selah". This word is often associate with the Psalms, but many Bible translations leave the word untranslated because we do not know exactly what it meant in its original context. Selah may indicate a break in the song, like a musical notation to indicate a pause. Selah may be a word that has the weight of agreement, like saying Amen. This week Dr. Lyon talks about her work to uncover the word's meaning.

Episode Notes

Ashley E. Lyon holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Poetry from the University of Birmingham in England. In addition to serving as Professor of Hebrew Bible with the Israel Bible Center, she also serves as Professor of Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. Her research interests include Hebrew Poetry (especially the Psalms), Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical archaeology, and ancient Jewish magic.

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