In this Devotional Hebrew Bible Study participants journey LIVE through fascinating stories of Israel, examining Old Testament/Hebrew Bible stories. Together you and I will explore linguistic, historical and cultural backgrounds of the text that has been a guiding light of the Jewish people for generations. Join me on this journey of discovery today!

Reasonably short

  • 90 minutes per session
  • One study takes under 3 months

Very Flexible

  • No homework (in class learning only)
  • If LIVE class is missed, recording is provided


  • One-Click entrance into the class
  • Plain language presentations


  • Reasonable tuition
  • Sow into economy of Israel

[x_blockquote cite=”(Rabbi Hillel, c. 100 BC)” type=”center” class=”course-quote”]”Never say ‘I will study when I have the time,’ because you may never have the time to study!”[/x_blockquote]

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