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At Israel Study Center our classes are taught using LIVE interactive video-conferencing technology. The software we use works effortlessly with modern internet-connected personal computers and mobile devices. You simply login into a virtual classroom and watch our lecturers present course materials accompanied by illustrated slides and explanations in real time. Revolutionize your ability to read the Bible for all of its worth. Claim your new student 20% off discount. Fill out info below to get started.

Interaction is easy. You press a button and virtually raise your hand or type a question into a chat window. Just like in a real classroom, once acknowledged, you use your device microphone to ask your questions and to contribute to the discussion of the topic. Or you can sit back and listen in on interactions of others. Just imagine being able to interact with your instructors from Israel and other students from around the globe in real time from the comfort of your home. Watch the short video on this page to see how it actually works! Fill out info below to get started.[/text_output]

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Most of our classes are conveniently taught during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If you miss a live session/s, you can easily find the class materials and archived recordings on our website. In fact, as a registered student, you can log into your Student Corner, navigate to your courses, download notes and watch those archived recordings as many times as you wish, whenever it is convenient for you. Fill out info below to get started and claim your new student discount today![/text_output][text_output][isc_bitrix24_form source=”WEB” title=”Fill out form to learn more!” button_text=”Get Started” page=”How it works”][/text_output]