Nicholas J. Schaser

Professor of Hebrew Bible at Israel Bible Center

In addition to his work with Israel Bible Center as Professor of Hebrew Bible, Dr. Schaser is an Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Macalester College and the Adjunct Instructor of the New Testament at Bethel Seminary (both in St. Paul, Minnesota). Professor Schaser’s research interests include rabbinic literature and the Jewishness of the New Testament, with particular focus on Midrash and the Gospel of Matthew. Teaching widely in both synagogues and churches, Dr. Schaser strives to promote mutual learning and respect between Jews and Christians.

Dr. Schaser enjoys communicating with participants and asks that those with questions or comments please email him at: nschaser@israelbiblecenter.com.

*Please do not contact Macalester College or Vanderbilt University for correspondence with Dr. Schaser.

Courses by Nicholas J. Schaser

The Hebrew Psalms: How To Worship God

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The Jewish Gospel of Matthew

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Most New Testament readers recognize that the Gospel of Matthew presents Yeshua in a very Jewish light. A knowledge of Matthew’s context within first-century Judaism can offer...

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Women and Gender in the Bible

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